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41412 Line Guard
Model 41412 Modular Line Guard

The Proctor Model 41412 Modular Line Guard can be used in the home or office to protect computer, facsimile and other types of data transmission devices from annoying and costly interruptions caused by other devices sharing the same phone line. Once a data device accesses the line, it is provided with exclusive use of the line until the transmission is complete. The module can also be used for voice privacy on single line telephone applications.

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How It Works

41412 Schematic

The modular 41412 plugs in series with the line cord of each telephone or device to be restricted. If the module is installed on all extension lines in the system, the first phone device to access the line is provided with priority usage; all other extensions are restricted from the line. If the module is installed on just a few selected phone devices, the other devices not equipped with a 41412 are given unrestricted access to the phone line

Typical Data Application

41412 Application

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Key Benefits

    Works with all standard (48Vdc idle line)
    telephone systems.
    Works with data transmission devices
    and standard telephones.
    Allows add-on conferencing with other phones.
    Easy to install.
    The modules do not require any external
    power source.
    The modules do not affect transmission,
    signaling, or pulsing characteristics
    of the line.

Model 41412 Specifications

    • Unterminated Solid Wires
    • Operating Voltage: 48VDC
    • Loop Limits: Up to 1.5k Ohms
    • Attenuation - Unoperated: <0.2dB @ 2kHz
    • Attenuation - Operated: -58dB
    • Ambient Temperature:  0 to 50C
    • Dimen: 0.58" (15mm) W x 0.58" (15mm) H
      x 0.85" (22mm)D
    • Wt: 1.0 oz (28 grams) 


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