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49250 PhoneDemo II
Model 49250 PhoneDemo II™

The Proctor Model 49250 PhoneDemo II™ demonstrates a wide variety of telecommunications products and software, such as FAX, PC/modems, feature phones, cordless phones, voice mail systems and answering machines. It allows users to make a thorough evaluation of product features by providing precision dial, ring-back, and busy tones, and by enabling authentic dialing, ringing, and data transmission functions. Because Phone Demo II is portable and doesn't require any special Telco phone lines, it can be used for product training at trade shows and customer premises as well as retail sales demonstrations. The 49250 can even be used for product testing and troubleshooting.

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How It Works

49250 Schematic

The 49250 works just like a miniaturized Telco central office. It provides -48Vdc line feed, 20 Hz ringing generation, DTMF dialing detection, and precision call progress tones. The user simply plugs the demo unit into the nearest standard AC outlet, plugs in the line cords of the two telephone devices, and dials up one of the devices. Once the other device answers and a talk/data path is established, the demonstration can proceed.

Typical Applications

49250 Application

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Key Benefits

    Enables live demonstrations of all
    major telephone and FAX features
    and operations:
    - Standard Telephones
    - Feature Phones
    - Cordless Phones
    - Multiline Phones (up to 2 lines)
    - Speaker Phones
    - FAX
    - Modems/PCs
    - Voice Mail
    - Answering Machines
    - Auto Attendants
    - Auto Dialers
    Simulates central office line functions;
    provides authentic point-to-point
    communications without using Telco lines.
    Two-way communications (realistic
    7-digit dialing in either direction).
    Portable and easy to set up;
    ideal for trade shows, customer
    premises, or in-store displays.
    Can be used as a quick troubleshooting
    and testing tool.
    Includes line and ringing status indicators
    on front faceplate.
    Operates on standard AC power; switchable
    between 115VAC and 230VAC, 50/60 Hz.
    Optional padded vinyl carrying case available.
    UL Listed; meets applicable
    FCC requirements.

Model 49250 Specifications

    • Modular RJ11 Jacks
    • Input Voltage (Switchable): 105 to 130 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      or 210 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Tip/Ring Output Voltage: 48 Vdc
    • Tip/Ring Loop Current: 40 mA @ 500 Ohms
    • Ringing Voltage: 85 Vrms @ 20 Hz (0 to 1.5 REN load)
    • Ringing Cycle: 2 seconds on, 4 seconds off
    • Dial Detection: DTMF
    • Call Progress Tones: Precision dial, ringback,
      and busy tones.
    • Operating Temperature:  10 to 40C
    • Storage Temperature:  -20 to 85C
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-Condensing)
    • Dimen: 7.06" (17.93cm) W x 2.13" (5.41cm) H
      x 9.50" (24.13cm) D
    • Wt: 2 lbs, 10 oz (1.19 kg) 



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