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Phillips PM 3311 Oscilloscope (60 MHz), Dual Trace $1,600
Hameg HM208 Oscilloscope, Digital Storage, Dual Trace SOLD
Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope with 7L5 Spectrum Analyzer (10Hz to 5 MHz) SOLD
Tektronix TDS320 2 Channel Oscilloscope (with 2 probes) $1,150
Tektronix T922 Oscilloscope, 15 MHz Dual Trace $225
Tektronix 2235a Oscilloscope, Dual Trace, 100 MHz Call



HP 1740A Oscilloscope (100 MHz ) Dual Trace. $390
Tektronix 2215 Oscilloscope, Dual Trace (60 MHz) Note: CRT Weak and Gassy $320
Tektronix 465 Oscilloscope, Dual Trace SOLD
Leader LBO 518 Oscilloscope, Dual Trace (100MHz) SOLD



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