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Lambda LP 413 FM Regulated DC Power Supply (0 to 60 Volt @ 1/2 Amp.)  Adjustable Current Limit. $45
Heath SP 2701 Regulated DC Power Supply (0-60 Volt @ 1.5 Amp.) Adjustable Current Limit. SOLD
HP 6516A Precision DC Power Supply (0-3000 V @ 6 mA.) SOLD
Heathkit 1P-271B 3 Output Regulated Power Supply.  (5VDC @ 1.5 Amp, 0-20VDC @ 0.5 Amp, 0-20VDC @ 0.5 Amp.) SOLD
Wescom 840-00 Power Supply (48VDC @1 Amp) SOLD
Lambda LM229 Regulated DC Power Supply (30 to 60 V @1.1 Amp) SOLD
NJE Corporation PVC-50-0.5 Regulated DC Power Supply (0 to 50 V @ 0.5 Amp.)  Adjustable Current Limit. $50
Acupian 48TP10 Regulated DC Power Supply (48VDC @ 10amp) SOLD
HP 6827A Bi-Polar Power Supply / Amplifier SOLD



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